• I have been having so much fun using this pack, instant inspiration! I can always find something to get my creative juices flowing in here, whether its a lead a bass noise or the sick wavetables in here to make my own patches! Very nice work guys love it!
    — Kill The Noise
  • If you’re looking for patches or sample packs, always consider who’s behind them. I know, for a fact, that the guys who put Weapons Of Choice together are incredible producers and engineers, so you know that you’re getting nothing but the best, in terms of quality. I can’t recommend this pack enough. There’s more than enough material to get you going if you need a little kickstart in the creativity department.
    — Bro Safari
  • Weapons of Choice Vol.1 by Sonic Armory truly is a very well and carefully designed preset collection by two genre leading producers! You can use them as a starting point to quickly lay out some serious sounds or you can use them as an inspiration to beef up your own presets. In my opinion this is “The Swiss Army Knife” of Serum Presets with guaranteed inspiration in no time!
    — Misanthrop
  • Weapons Of Choice v.1 is stunning. Easily one of the most creative and song ready Serum preset collections that I’ve heard. 5 stars
    — The Crystal Method