What the pros are saying

If you’re looking for patches or sample packs, always consider who’s behind them. I know, for a fact, that the guys who put Weapons Of Choice together are incredible producers and engineers, so you know that you’re getting nothing but the best, in terms of quality. I can’t recommend this pack enough. There’s more than enough material to get you going if you need a little kickstart in the creativity department.
— Bro Safari

I have been having so much fun using this pack, instant inspiration! I can always find something to get my creative juices flowing in here, whether its a lead a bass noise or the sick wavetables in here to make my own patches! Very nice work guys love it!
— Kill The Noise

When the people that have been my go-to for inspiration for 5 years now decide to make tools for inspiration, I’ll be there to back it up. Thrashing bass sounds, clean and punchy leads, and cutting edge wavetables galore. I’ve always come to the producers behind Sonic Armory for inspiration for years, and now you can too.

Weapons Of Choice v.1 is stunning. Easily one of the most creative and song ready Serum preset collections that I’ve heard. 5 stars
— The Crystal Method

This library is extremely top notch and for sure one of the best I’ve tried so far. It’s been a sincere, true source of inspiration for my new tracks. I don’t expect anything less from these guys! Bravi!
— Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo / The Bloody Beetroots / SBCR

These guys are some of the best sound designers in the industry & know Serum inside & out. The sounds they pull out of it are insane
— Treasure Fingers

— Brian Tyler / Madsonik

— 12th Planet

Sonic Armory is the heat you’ve been looking for.. Jump on this if you want to make that fire!
— Datsik / Ephwurd

Botnek 2016 Group Press Photo.jpeg
When starting a track, I find the faster I can get my ideas out of my head and into the world, the more likely I’ll have a demo I’m still excited about enough to finish. The longer I spend working on technicalities during the writing process, the more likely I’ll get fed up with it, or get distracted from the original idea. This pack is full of ready to use patches that were clearly crafted by musicians that know what kinds of sounds really work in a song. amazing stuff! looking forward to vol 2!
— Botnek

Weapons of Choice Vol.1 by Sonic Armory truly is a very well and carefully designed preset collection by two genre leading producers!
You can use them as a starting point to quickly lay out some serious sounds or you can use them as an inspiration to beef up your own presets.
In my opinion this is “The Swiss Army Knife” of Serum Presets with guaranteed inspiration in no time!
— Misanthrop / Neosignal

I would highly recommend these patches to anyone that is looking to get started on their next musical project, beautiful organs, punchy ass basses, gorgeous deep pads and some really crazy off the wall sounds which of course I love!! I’ve already made two whole tracks in one night off of just playing with the whole set! I fux wit’ SONIC ARMORY
— UFO!

The big thing that sets Sonic Armory apart from the rest is the fact that you have successful top shelf industry professionals creating these patches and it makes a big difference. The sound design and functionality of these patches are second to none. You can really tell the difference. We are happy to call Sonic Armory our go to website for production tools.
— Splitbreed

I am one to usually build a lot of my own patches since a lot of commercially released stuff isn’t on the cutting edge of electronic music. However, because of the artists behind Sonic Armory, these patches have become a go-to for new sound design ideas and inspiration for songwriting.
— Champagne Drip / SPL

Weapons of Choice by Sonic Armory is a MUST HAVE pack. From the Serum patches to the one shot wav samples, it has everything you need to bring your sound design to the next level. Opening this sample pack was like receiving secret bass weapons from Gigantor and Le Castlevania, two of the top producers who have shaped electronic music today.
— Anna Yvette

A fresh new look into the uses of serum for many genres. Looking forward to whats next!
— Bare

These are some gnarly sounds!
— Codes

Basically Sonic Armory is the shit
— Gein

Sonic Armory provide a plethora of inspiring sounds for my productions. Much love to Michael and the Sonic Armory crew.
— Piers Baron

Pack is sick, we only recently started delving into Serum and this pack is regal! Great quality patches to get the process going :)
— Bare Noize

From Dubstep to Scoring , I’ve gotten more than my moneys worth from these packs.
— Figure