Weapons Of Choice Vol.2: Hybrid Bass Weapons

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weaponsofchoice.vol2 Cover Art.jpg

Weapons Of Choice Vol.2: Hybrid Bass Weapons

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Contains: 101 Serum presets with full preassigned macro and mod wheel functionality.

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Introducing Weapons of Choice Vol.2: Hybrid Bass Weapons! Returning off the success of the inaugural pack is Sonic Armory's second offering for Serum! This kit features 101 of the highest quality presets for Serum made by real artists who have released countless chart-topping hits. Dylan Eiland (Le Castle Vania, Twin Moons) and Gigantor (Evol Intent, Computer Club) return once again to let producers in on their secrets for the 'real world' of electronic music synth production. These Serum patches are geared for producers serious in making virtually any genre of electronic music but with an emphasis on hybrid bass music genres such as dubstep, trap, drum & bass, bass house, electro house, & future bass. These patches will help you take your sound to the next level, or reverse engineer the presets to learn and modify these into your own unique creations! 

With Weapons of Choice Vol. 2 you get 101 presets with macros assigned on all 4 knobs & mod-wheel:
66 Bass Presets
9 SFX/FX oriented patches
6 Lead presets
6 Pad presets
2 'pluck'/arpeggio presets
12 multitimbral 'general use' synth presets

Upgrade your audio arsenal today!